Career Pathways

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The following Career Pathways are offered at Jefferson County High School. Please use this as a reference for completing your career cluster.


Pathway: Administrative / Information Support

Course Number: Class:
07.44130 Introduction to Business & Technology
07.44100 Business and Technology
07.45100 Business Communication


Pathway: Nutrition and Wellness

Course Number: Class:
20.41610 Food, Nutrition and Wellness
20.41400 Food for Life
20.41810 Food Science


Pathway: Engineering

Course Number: Class:
21.42500 Foundations of Engineering and Technology
21.47100 Engineering Concepts
21.47200 Engineering Applications


Pathway: Agriculture

Forestry / Natural Resources

Course Number: Class:
02.47100 Basic Agriculture Science and Technology
03.45100 Forestry Science
03.45200 Forestry Science II


Pathway: Agriculture


Course Number: Class:
02.47100 Basic Agriculture Science and Technology
02.44100 Plant Science and Biotechnology
02.42100 Animal Science and Biotechnology


Pathway: Web Design

Course Number: Class:
11.41500 Introduction  to Digital Technology
11.45100 Digital Design
11.45200 Web Design


Pathway: Culinary Arts

Course Number: Class:
20.53100 Introduction to Culinary Arts
20.53210 Culinary Arts I
20.53310 Culinary Arts II


Pathway: Audio and Video Technology and Film

Course Number: Class:
10.51110 Audio and Video Technology and Film I
10.51210 Audio and Video Technology and Film II
10.51310 Audio and Video Technology and Film III


Pathway: Construction

Course Number: Class:
46.54500 Industry Fundamentals and Occupational Safety
46.54600 Introduction to Construction
46.55000 Carpentry


Pathway: Navy NJROTC

Course Number: Class:
28.02100 Naval Science I: Cadet Field Manual
28.02200 Naval Science I: Introduction to NJROTC
28.02400 Naval Science II: Maritime History
28.02400 Naval Science II: Nautical Knowledge
28.02500 Naval Science III: Naval Knowledge
28.02600 Naval Science III: Orientation and Skills
28.02700 Naval Science IV: Naval Leadership and Ethics
28.02800 Naval Science IV: Effective Communications

Students must obtain a minimum score on the COMPASS test to be eligible to enroll in the classes marked with an asterisk (*).