Mission Statement

Jefferson County High School Mission Statement


The mission of Jefferson County High School is to partner with the community in creating a learning culture that challenges, supports, and ensures the success of EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY.


Jefferson County High School Vision Statement


A unified community ensuring that EVERY CHILD will graduate from high school post-secondary ready.


Jefferson County High School Motto


JCHS is a fountain of knowledge, don’t leave thirsty.


Jefferson County High School Belief Statements


At Jefferson County High School, we believe in the three R’s – Relationships, Rigor, and Relevance, supported by research-based instructional practice.

Relationships – We believe that meaningful teacher-student relationships and community and parent involvement form the necessary foundation for school and student success.

  • Advisory Program
  • 8th Grade Orientation – Seamless transition from 6th grade to post-secondary
  • At-Risk Focus Groups
  • Graduation Coaches
  • CTAE Advisory Council / Partner with Business and Industry

Rigor and Relevance – We believe that curriculum should reflect our high expectations for all students and ensure that all are post-secondary ready.

  • Reading in Content Areas – Use of Lexiles to meet individual needs
  • Writing Across Content
  • Elimination of Low-Level Courses
  • Inclusion
  • Open-Door AP Policy
  • Increased Unit for Graduation
  • Standards-Based Classrooms
  • Revised Grading Policy
  • Common Course Syllabi
  • Differentiation Through Technology Use
  • Virtual High School
  • Alternate Assessments – Products and Performances
  • Working on the Work
  • Literary Magazine – Literary Participation
  • Industry Certification
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Articulated Credit with Post-Secondary

Researched-Based Best Instructional Practice – As professional educators, we are committed to using the instructional practices that clearly support student learning.

  • Common Curriculum – Common Assessments
  • Learning-Focused Based Lessons
  • Extra Help Opportunities – Including After School Tutorial
  • System of Formative Assessments
  • Thinking Maps – Graphic Organizers
  • Career Awareness Opportunities (Career Day, Military Recruiters)
  • CTAE Work Ethic Orientation